Oneonta Formal Wear

Oneonta Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Oneonta, Alabama.

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  • Hartwick - Holiday Ball Brings a Little Vegas to the Hill
    Put on your best poker face and your nicest semi-formal wear, because Friday, December 5 is Hartwick's 52nd Annual Holiday Ball. The party starts at 8 p.m., and this year's theme is all about 1950s Las Vegas. ... Hartwick College is a private liberal arts and sciences college of 1480 students, located in Oneonta, NY, in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Hartwick's expansive curriculum emphasizes connecting the classroom to the world. ...
  • What's Long, Sexy and $45000? | The Cornell Daily Sun
    We don't wear suits to classes; we don't wear condoms to bed (yes we do). We've been desensitized. People were outraged in 1996 when Playboy came to Cornell to shoot its “Women of the Ivy League” (on a couch that I have had sex on! ... I've been to NYU, Binghamton, Oneonta, Oswego, R.I.T., University of Toronto, among others. I've hooked up with girls at several of these (and for the record, “hook up” means dick in a hole … “making out” is not “hooking up,” it is making ...
  • Squash Trophy Wives and $20000 Tables: Alex Beam | Vanity Fair
    The Soccer Hall is in Oneonta, New York, once home to the largest locomotive roundhouse in the world. The Squash Hall is currently hidden in a corridor behind a squash court in Yale's Brady Center, awaiting a real home. So what was cool about the gala? ... The program been successfully copied in New York and Chicago. I would describe Zaff as intense, brooding, smart, and of course ambitious for his program. I would also describe him as not dressed in formal wear. ...