Tucson Formal Wear

Tucson Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Tucson, Arizona.

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  • weddingplans: Mother of the Bride Dresses?
    2009-10-01 04:41 pm UTC (link). I think our moms all got theirs from various boutiques. So, no big name stores. My mom's we found at Hepburn's in Sherman Oaks, CA at 80% off. Chicago parents of the bride. His mom found hers at a boutique in Tucson, AZ ... My mom just went to a department store and got a formal evening dress. It was elegant and conservative without being stuffy. She's 60 so didn't want something revealing, but also didn't want to look like a grandmother. ...
  • The Rules of Denim : Connection
    For formal occasions, you always press a crease in your jeans and wear them with your best Levi jacket (commonly called a New Mexico dinner jacket). Strange as it seems, there are certain fancy restaurants in Tucson where they say (even ...
  • Junie Moon: Cruise Packing
    There are two formal nights, but we're only going to attend one. I'm not into sequins and such, so I'll wear my reproduction vintage dress bought a few years ago. I call it my Titanic dress, but my husband asked me not to use the word ... She talked me into buying an orange linen dress at Eileen's of Tucson and made me promise to find colorful accessories. So I found a pink-and-orange lightweight scarf, matching pair of sandals, and made a Japanese knot bag to go with it ...