Branford Formal Wear

Branford Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Branford, Connecticut.

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  • Midnight at Yale: Noted: Highlights from the Week
    Highlights from the story, in the Record's freshman issue, include “hipsters are asked to be 7.5% less hip,” “section assholes will be 7.5% quieter,” and “Quinnipiac girls will wear 7.5% less clothing. .... UPDATE: Kurt Westergaard, author of one of the controversial editorial cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, will not be speaking in Branford College, as our Sept. 28 story previously stated. He will be speaking in a closed event at the Greenberg Conference Center. ...
  • Property Grunt: Why?
    Legend says that Charles Bronson's family was so poor that he had to wear one of his sister's dresses to school. This type of friction can create a drive within a person or cripple them. It can also institute a siege mentality ready to ... 29, 2003 he was a senior at Branford High School when Det. Ronald Washington responded to a report of a dispute. The dispute was between the young Branford woman and the (now) lab tech. A top school official had summoned the police to ...
  • A Safe, Happy Prom - The Sound
    Participating merchants include Myers Flowers, Flower Wonderland, The Branford Flower Shop, Cynthia's Flowers, and the florist shops of both A&P and Stop & Shop. Formal Wear participants include Mario-Joseph and Zaccariello's. ...