District of Columbia Formal Wear

District of Columbia Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in District of Columbia.

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  • DC NearlyWeds: Maids and colors and styles, oh my!
    I've chosen a bunch of colors that all look good together, so each maid can wear a different color in her style of choice, and no one has to get stuck with last pick (I have more colors than maids). ... The only LulaKate location is in Charleston, but the dresses are carried by Bella Bridesmaid shops (there's one in Baltimore if any DC brides want to check out LulaKate), and there's a Bella Bridesmaid shop in the home city of most of my Bridesmaid (not the one in Benin, ...
  • Dress Code: Formalities
    Formal – Means White Tie and this is the only time you would ever wear a white tie. Not a real worry here because outside of a seriously fancy wedding or an invitation to the White House to meet Her Majesty, you won't encounter this dress code many times in your ... **These dress codes are suitable outside of the East Coast urban areas, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC where suits are the norm and khakis and jeans are frowned upon after graduation. ...
  • Reader mail: What to wear to a professional gala event in DC?
    I've attended many of these formal events in DC. There's a great women's dress store in McLean called Mae's — go online to their website there's usually a $50 off coupon. Ask for Ginger — they have never done wrong by me and I've bought ...