Eastman Formal Wear

Eastman Formal Wear
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  • Summer Suits « 1 L
    But then he admits he's embarrassed to wear them. When dressed in white linen, “people ask me for ice cream cones.” As much as he would love to escape the “permanent sartorial winter” that is the wearing of dark suits, ... The White House wasn't always locked into such formal suiting. In June 1945, Harry Truman met the press to tout how well the peace was going to go with our pals the Soviets. His summer suit conveyed that he was in control: “The confident man in the ...
  • A Civil Action « 1 L
    The decline of proper manners (which is not to say formal manners) is especially tragic in that it also marks the decline of respect for people, places, and institutions. An economic recession may be as good a time as any, then, to remind young college ... Great commentary, Eastman. So now youre teaching a class on manners. That's slightly ironic, considering your inability to promptly show up (at least 15 minutes late) to every class we had our first year of law school. ...
  • Dave Richey OUTDOORS » Blog Archive » Answering Some Deer Questions
    I use the Gorilla brand ladder stands made by Eastman Outdoors. They go up easy, come down easy, and put me about 15 feet off the ground. They are safe, stable, easy to climb, and work for me. Q. – Name your favorite trees for a tree stand? And why? ... Most of the time I wear knee-high rubber boots, but if I must walk through tall marsh grass I'll often wear hip-boots or rubber waders. Years ago, when I wore leather boots, more than one deer trailed me to my stand. ...