Fitzgerald Formal Wear

Fitzgerald Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Fitzgerald, Georgia.

Local News

  • The life of the Fitzgerald's: New internship
    Luckily it's not too formal of a job where I have to wear a pant suit, skirt, or dress. I'm grateful for that... Other news. Ian and I have found a replacement vehicle. It's a 1994 Plymouth Voyager. It's grey with tan interior. ...
  • Fitzgerald: Black Americans and Islamic Da'wa - Jihad Watch
    ... Muslims" and even today are contemptuous of "Black Muslims" as opposed to "black Muslims"), much was made of their ability to supposedly "straighten people" out -- have them wear coats and ties, give up drugs and alcohol, and so on. ... Fortunately, the Constitution has always been subject both to formal modification (amendments)through the express will of the people, and to judicial interpretation ("It is a constitution we are expounding" wrote Chief Jusice Marshall ...
  • Fitzgerald: Egypt and Sinai - Jihad Watch
    One of the article deals with the notion of Palestine as a nation and how it was conceived and socially (ideologically) created although no formal nation was there prior to the creation of the modern state of Israel. Within this article the issue of the Sinai .... and the moderns - I call them nightgowns- yeah, I know the men wear Western clothing, but a great deal still wear the long gowns (Copts?) ...