Fort Dodge Formal Wear

Fort Dodge Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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  • Making It: Day 12 - THE Fort Dodge
    Day 12 - THE Fort Dodge. July 7th was spent working on the projects and a bit of shopping. Then on the 8th we went out to breakfast with everybody before Mom and Brother headed off for the KC airport. Mom had an evening flight that ... Sweep and scrub the floors once a week (once a year seems more correct now), don't wear bright colors (they haven't seen FabHub's new Tie-Di fun shirt from Michigan), dry your petticoats in pillowcases (can't have those hanging on the line! ...
  • Carry a small grape - 37days
    Let's all wear hats and sit in the garden and have some chocolate tortoni.” [As an aside, you really do need a friend or two like that in the world. I do believe I could call them both, reveal that I had robbed 23 banks in Fort Dodge ...
  • Refuse the Juice: Sergio Lewis Finds My Blog - Uses Faulty Logic
    Currently my son is with the 10th Mountain infantry Division and is stationed at Fort Drum,NY. He recently completed his Airborne Training at Fort Benning, and was originally ordered to hook up w/the 101st Screaming Eagles Air Assault ... Put an item on the school board agenda stating that members of the military may wear their uniforms to high school graduations and other formal school events. Do that and we'll be square. Don't do that and I remind anyone I can how you ...