Blackfoot Formal Wear

Blackfoot Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Local News

  • Ben's Biz Blog: A Promotion With A Peel
    The dress is modeled after the one Marilyn Monroe's promoters convinced her to wear, to demonstrate that she would look stunning even dressed in a potato sack. That's covered in one of the exhibits at the Potato Expo museum in Blackfoot ...
  • Cross-Cultural Reviews: From the Cave: From Doha
    The statuesque forms of the alabasters and apsara, there a re true and living Indian women on this earth, with such noble shape, I have met some of them and they do not all wear saris. I have met some wonderful Catholic .... I remember the blackfoot Algerian of excellent character, entertaining the crowd with his many stories of Indian life over the decades of his travels there. In his own words he came for the festival a little bit early. Basically he worked his way ...
  • Partners by D.M. McGowan | Self-Publishing Review
    Tom's elevated vocabulary and formal sentence structure are suitable to that of an educated man of his era. Frank, who is an uneducated young boy, uses poor grammar and slurs his words. Here's a sample. Frank begins this exchange. ... “Will writing it as Blackfeet in this particular context cause the reader difficulty?” I eventually settled for doing it 'wrong' since it wasn't realy a name invented by the people who wear it but by the Lakota and then badly anglesized by ...