Rexburg Formal Wear

Rexburg Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Rexburg, Idaho.

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  • The Ultimate Date Idea List Part 2
    Connecting Rexburg, one BYUI student at a time! ... The DI dateā€“find clothes for your date under different categories: Casual, formal, wacky, PURPLE, etc. 366. Thoroughly wrap a candy bar using newpaper, cling wrap, and tape. In a group take turns rolling dice, when doubles are rolled that person has to put on snow gloves, a jacket, a hat, and a scarf. They continue to try to open the package wearing those items until the next person rolls doubles ...
  • The Covert Family: Audrey's 6th Birthday Party
    Audrey wanted her birthday party at the Splash Park in Rexburg! We had a wonderful time! The kids loved playing in the water, it was so nice because we were practically the only ones there! We ordered pizza and bread sticks for ... She loves being a total girlie girl and would wear dresses or skirts everyday if I would let her! Here is one more to add to her collection! Audrey picked cupcakes this year, I just have to say a couple things about the cake and candles which ...
  • Wroblewski {ROBLES}: It never ends
    Driving in Rexburg (and surrounding areas) scares me horribly, plus I've never driven to St. Anthony. I'm such a wimp, I know. But we are being really good with our money. We are really trying to make a budget (which is hard when ... I got a journal (I finished mine earlier in Feb) Some BYU-I sweat pants (something easy to wear when I get bigger, and not as embarrassing as Eeyore pants!) I'm also gonna get a new pillow, I haven't had a new pillow since before high school! ...