Grandville Formal Wear

Grandville Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Grandville, Michigan.

Local News

  • Wear Else Blog: WE and Flare Event
    These gorgeous looks were all styled by Wear Else's fabulous Crystal Walton. A special thanks to Dyrberg/Kern (3030 Granville St., 604-730-5011, for providing gorgeous bling to complement our many looks on the runway! ...
  • Ć’airytale ?: Formal shopping # 2
    We bought our train ticket. Full speed ahead ! Switch trains at Granville and we are at Para 20 minutes later. Para sure is crowded today :O Yeah I know, the title is "Formal" shopping not Swim Wear shopping. Well Tien wanted to check ...
  • Fall, when weekends are all about soccer. : The Shop Tart
    Some day we'll have to chat about exactly what shoes one is supposed to wear to children's soccer matches. That mud destroys anything pretty. Hmph. Soccer aside, the Shop Tart did manage to have fun. Friday morning, her sister arrived ... The ladies decided on Granville's. They fully intended to stick dear mother with the tab and it seemed only fair to consider a place where the tab wouldn't get too high. The Shop Tart now has an official Favorite Wine at Granville's. ...