Ionia Formal Wear

Ionia Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Ionia, Michigan.

Local News

  • ionianmode @ 2008-10-25T21:29:00
    That is something to be excited about! Ionia needs to get a formal wear! I asked Mommy about it and said I wanted to dress like the Ionia I was named after, and for some reason he started laughing and said to ask Uncle Claus about it. ...
  • ionianmode @ 2008-11-06T15:31:00
    Ionia's earrings are yellow so they will not match her dress but she has to wear them. Ionia thought about wearing her yellow scarf from her Grandpa Falcon costume but Ionia does not think it counts as a formal wear. ...
  • New Haven Independent: Sailor Cries Foul In Illegal Dumping Trial
    in a trial against the tanker's operator, the Greek shipping company Ionia Management S.A. The company is accused of violating deep-sea pollution laws and falsifying ship records to cover its tracks, according to court documents. The trial, ongoing this ... Defense attorney Chalos dismissed the pictures, arguing that “nicks and dings” on the piping and sign could easily be attributed to 16 years of wear and tear. Prosecutors followed up with more photographic evidence. ...