Proctor Formal Wear

Proctor Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Proctor, Minnesota.

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  • big city, little girl: The Case of Maria Felltip
    ... and the copies of the receipts taken from the Tobacconist store in the Royal Exchange Arcade from the past week, in connection with the Proctor case and Mrs Proctor's alleged affair with smoking paraphernalia enthusiast, Edward Superkings. ... He can't bring himself to wear the ring anymore, but sometimes he'll hold it, clutched in his hand so that when he opens his hand out again it is like he is holding a pearl found inside the fleshy chamber of an oysters shell . ...
  • This Side Of Paradise: "The Little Room" -- Reconfiguration
    I could dress it up in a beach outfit, formalwear. Hats would be good too. Hello. February 5, 2009 8:53 AM · Erin O'Brien said... Can you understand the problem I have being me? You make a comment about writing spaces and that's where I ..... He flings off his tall hat as Proctor asks him to name the current hour. Sparky is gasping for breath. Like the East sky at dawn, that is how his eyes burn. Have you seen the stream of bats emerge from beneath the bridge on Mad River ...
  • This Side Of Paradise: Eleanor Smiles
    Doctor Proctor, by no means a fool, has no special skill, but great wit. Like most things, he makes noise when not at ease. At times his groans and songs are mistaken for wisdom. Today his charges unravel their scrolls poring over ballades and double sonnets. ..... That won "most inventive" in the costume contest, even though Henry didn't actually wear the robot. He wore a white doctor's shirt, hemmed up by his mother, and played the role of the mad scientist. ...