Mississippi Formal Wear

Mississippi Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Mississippi.

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  • Crazy Texas Mommy: Toddlers and Tiaras is My Cocaine
    Her casual wear was a little black pleather mini-skirt, fishnet stockings (yes you read that right) and black go-go boots. Her formal wear was a little black velvet dress with a pink shrug. I hot rolled the hell out of her hair, making it big and ... The pageant was in Louisiana and a couple of the mom's were from Mississippi, one right close to where my sister lives. There was fake hair, spray on tans, and flippers (fake teeth for kids who may be missing a few). ...
  • A Mississippi Cruise That Will Stay In Your Memory | Bed and Breakfast
    Creole food is inspired by French bourgeois cuisine and is more refined and heavy, which makes it popular for formal dinners during a Mississippi cruise. Cajun kitchen on the other hand is the rural, popular cooking of the area, influenced by African cookery and sometimes quite spicy, ... As for some safety tips: summer and even mid-season (spring, autumn) can get very hot both in Galveston and in New Orleans, so wear your walking shoes and take sunscreen and a hat. ...
  • GR Travis Passed Away - Apostolic Friends Forum
    His deep baritone voice with that slow Mississippi drawl, his distinguished and somewhat formal, yet personable, manner and his warm, somewhat restrained but very sincere smile-- the world is a little worse off now that Brother Travis ... " We did not wear uniforms. The lady workers dressed in the current fashions of the day, ...silks...satins...jewels or whatever they happened to possess. They were very smartly turned out, so that they made an impressive appearance on the ...