Magee Formal Wear

Magee Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Magee, Mississippi.

Local News

  • Patty Magee, Artist Nurse
    I wear a pink wig , a stethoscope with a funnel at the end and use my grandchildren's name for me... POPPY. My personal contact with the children is through my stethoscope when I listen to see if they have a "Happy Heart" . ... Full time job, full-time wife to Woody for thirty some years, mom and grand mom, part-time artist and Patty Magee still finds time to work on her Master's Degree in Art in Healing, her formal background and education are in Studio Art and ...
  • President's broadcast stirs up school controversy - Naperville Potluck
    I can now wear my pants 1/2 way up my chest and complain about the government full time. And instead of working at McDonalds, one kid carrys a badge and interestingly now that I think about it, DOES serve McDonalds. You see, McDonalds is just down the street from the PD and ...... Dems and Reps alike pounced on him the minute O left, he had to issue a formal apology. He cheapened our entire democratic process just like many Republicans have been doing since O took office. ...
  • Sol Magee's Jam Sandwich: U2 on the sess
    If you don't like U2 you could wear ear plugs and just drink.” The option of drinking plus U2, has received 10 'yes' confirmations at the time of going to press. Whereas, the option of drinking plus earplugs, currently stands at 237. ...