High Point Formal Wear

High Point Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in High Point, North Carolina.

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  • Present Yourself to Women
    From an evolutionary stand-point, this one makes complete sense. Think cavemen and cave women in the Stone Age, with some of the weaker cavemen seeking a higher station in the tribe. Who do you think the cave women went for? The men who hobbled along meekly in the ... The colors you wear are vital: Studies show that red, burgundy, and black clothes convey high status. So get yourself some slick black suits or formal wear, a red shirt, and one of my favorites (and girls'! ...
  • Dress Up « Catholic Sensibility
    Formal wear *used* to be the best everyday dress within your class. (Brides in all but the upper classes used to wear their wedding dresses after their wedding, for example). *Now* formal wear has become a form of special occasion costume. .... This would mean that they dress in ways that, as much as is reasonable, allow them to point away from themselves. (This “pointing away” might involve avoiding “normal” clothes.) They also would not become a distraction to others. ...
  • High Guard Charter
    Section 4: High Guard members should wear the High Guard badge at events (i.e., to have "High Guard" or "HG" in your guild titles somewhere). To require this would be unrealistic, but it is strongly encouraged. Article II: Formation Section 1: The High Guard, ... Corpses of fallen foes will not be defiled or looted unless orders to the contrary are given, or unless one is attacking murderers in Felucca on one's own and not part of a formal Royal Guard expedition. ...