Collingswood Formal Wear

Collingswood Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Collingswood, New Jersey.

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  • Concert review: Fountains of Wayne & my volume problem
    The only time I really enjoyed the performance was when they put away the electric guitars for a couple of songs ("Hey Julie" in particular) and you could hear Chris Collingswood's vocals and lyrics. ... I wear two hearing aids and enjoyed nothing as much as when the opening act, Mike Viola (with Kelly Jones - the best thing that night) stepped away from the mikes and did a song - really acoustic - OFF of the P.A. system. The audience was totally quiet. ...
  • Camden Poetry: Following Whitman's Footsteps
    This night there were about 30 attendees in a variety of styles: everything from jeans to khakis, sweaters to T-shirts, clogs to hiking boots, flowing peasant dresses to a man in semi-formal wear. At a table in the back, ...
  • philadelphia @ 2008-05-08t12:41:00
    ... recommendations for plus sized formal wear. i want to thank all of you who responded. i didn't get a chance to reply before i got very busy, but i appreciate it. i found a really great dress at a plus size boutique in collingswood ...