Englishtown Formal Wear

Englishtown Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Englishtown, New Jersey.

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  • Quick Brown Fox: "The Proposal," Patricia Howard
    He saw me as his last chance for a married life, his step up in the world of the small English town in which we lived. Lawyers there were big fish in a small pond, and a wife was the prerequisite for advancement not only on the .... For a fleeting instant I wondered what it would be like to wear a house brick on my third finger, but put the question out of my mind. We found the jeweller, found a ring even, though it cost Clive eight pounds more than he had budgeted. ...
  • Aguanomics: Weekend Discussion -- Worn Out Shoes
    I used to wear out my shoes; that's why I see a podiatrist. :-( My podiatrist says not to wear out shoes. Shoes, at least the athletic or vibram sole variety, are built to absorb shock. That shock absorption wears out after about 500 miles, ... For my first married Christmas, I gave my husband the "English Town Shoe" which I purchased at Brooks Brothers for $150 in 1982. At that time on our lean budget, this was a HUGE expenditure. Well, he still wears those shoes today. ...
  • Nether Wallop : Robin McKinley
    I've driven past Nether Wallop (the town), it rates high on my list of 'best weird English town names'! Never fails to raise a laugh and a bizarre mental picture. Log in to Reply. Comment by Robin. 2008-07-31 22:44:33 ... And Glyndebourne almost makes me *want* to wear jeans and trainers because I *want* to get up the nose(s) of this audience. But no . . . I like an excuse to dress up. Where's the victory of finding a designer dress that FITS you for £25 if you can't wear ...