Hoboken Formal Wear

Hoboken Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Local News

  • The Hoboken Journal: Reader Post - The Greying of Hoboken 411
    ... to Peter Cunningham, one of the meeting's principal organizers. http://hoboken411.com/archives/25326 Cunningham does not wear backward baseball caps as such, but clearly he has backward cap tendencies as far as granny 411 is concerned: he is dead to her. .... We don't have a formal job description and we don't know his credentials either. Where did he go to school? What did he study? What is his work history? More to the point is any of this info really even needed? ...
  • Islam in Europe: Antwerp: Headscarf ban protests continue
    Vlaams Belang thinks that the protests against the headscarf ban in Antwerp and Hoboken have gotten out of hand. The party doesn't want any more 'absurd' discussion, but rather asks for zero tolerance against the trouble makers and wants to prosecute them. ... The evidence is now supplied daily that the headscarf ban was more than correct and that the social pressure on students who don't wear a headscarf is really a act," concludes Vlaams Belang. Sources: GvA, HLN 1, ...
  • Recap: Project Runway - Fashion Headliners - HitFix.com
    But Gordana is almost done with her dress, so apparently they did wear paper dresses in Eastern Europe, yet another reason I am so very glad I did not grow up in an Eastern Bloc country. ... very inspirational youth with the punk kids in the East Village, and we discover that Nicolas is, indeed, a big lame poser, as his musty old picture of himself being a punk in the East Village reveals him to be exactly like any geeky suburban kid hanging out at the mall in Hoboken. ...