Cambridge Formal Wear

Cambridge Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Cambridge, Ohio.

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  • The Lone Voice: Gordon Brown "lacklustre" according to Obama.
    I was once given a free bowtie in a formal wear shop in Chicago be... 2 hours ago. Voice Of The Resistance · Spectator Article Mentions Common Purpose - There's a Spectator article about culling quangos that is well worth a read because it briefly mentions Common Purpose, although only describing it .... Current advice from the 29th Cambridge Scout Troop - There is an element of coming-of-age about getting your first penknife; a mastery of your own environm... 4 hours ago ...
  • Brendan Calling » Blog Archive » 9/11 Repost
    The GBOE has a dress code: no shorts, tee-shirts, or sneakers, so I was also carrying some formal wear with me, which I changed into as the E train was pulling into its berth at the bottom of the Towers. .... I don't think I've heard them do that song since early 1999 at TT's in Cambridge, and it just about exploded my head. And then. Then! THEN! Gordon Spaeth of all people shows up on stage, and starts blowing harp on “Goddamn It” and “Whatever It Takes”. ...
  • rrashah: Matriculation
    In Canada, the term is used by some older universities to refer to orientation ("frosh") events,[citation needed] however some universities, including University of King's College, still hold formal Matriculation(usually shortened to ... Oxford requires matriculands to wear academic dress with sub-fusc during the ceremony. At Cambridge and Durham, policy regarding the wearing of academic dress varies amongst the colleges. Separate matriculation ceremonies are held by some ...