Defiance Formal Wear

Defiance Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Defiance, Ohio.

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  • Japes and Jibes: My First Los Angeles Audition
    ... ominous "Business men: wear a suit." Unfortunately, most of my "semi-to-formal wear" was cast out in the great weight drop of '07, so all I had was a pair of slacks and a non-matching sports jacket. It'd have to do…I didn't want to be the only guy in there not wearing a suit. ... I choose to omit any comments referencing that defiance of racial stereotypes (for fear of coming off as unintentionally racist), and will instead inmit a random line from a Shakespeare play: ...
  • Doc's Talk: Becoming a Jew was my greatest act of defiance.
    For the most part questioning the faith was seen as an act of defiance. Some nuns were very nice; others were incredibly unreachable and scary. There was a huge focus on dressing "modestly" in the school. We could not wear make up, nail polish, or dye our hair. ...... American flag is not allowed in the formal meetings with Saudi officials. It's considered representative of infidels' values. And we feed this country with US Dollars every day.......And they are our allies? ...
  • Intentionally Katie (3 Blondes & a Redhead): Encouraging Disobedience
    If I remind him to say, "Yes Mommy" his new thing is to say, "Yes, Mom" or "Yeah, Mom" with a look of defiance on his face - rarely does he repeat me verbatim. At first I ignored it, but after seeing dozens of other examples of partial obedience ... It sounds a bit formal, but she's taught her kids to say, "May I appeal?" "Ryan, go put on your PJs," could be met with "May I appeal?" I then need to decide whether to say yes or no. At first, there should be a lot of yes's, ...