Elyria Formal Wear

Elyria Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Elyria, Ohio.

Local News

  • [Location] The Amethyst Orchid ~ Finery and Formal Wear - Aelyria
    The Amethyst Orchid Finery and Formal Wear S et deeply within the innermost heart of the Generosus Plaga lies a most decedent manifestation of formal.
  • 2009 Lorain County 4-H family and consumer sciences project winners
    1st place & State Fair Participant in DayWear: Melissa Malek, Amherst Critters & Such (Award Sponsor: Marie Waite); 2nd place & State Fair Participant in Formal Wear: Amanda Smith, Phantom Farmers; 3rd place: Haley Loudin, ...
  • [Location] Baume Pour L'├óme - Aelyria
    So it was that she likely mangled the greeting, something that she was quite aware of. Still, she would only increase her aptitude for the language with continued practice ... and perhaps a formal lesson or two. ... But of course Sviyinn Cylestrel of Ethgan'tor would never wear clothing stained with street dirt! No, that just wasn't her style. When turning another time, she pushed some loose strands of snow white hair out of her angular face. ...