Kenton Formal Wear

Kenton Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Kenton, Ohio.

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  • What to wear at the theatre | Natasha Tripney | Stage |
    Photograph: Tristram Kenton. What you go to the theatre, do you dress for the occasion and pick the clothes best suited to impress? Or do you dress for comfort, anticipating a couple of hours in an unforgiving seat? ... Formal dress used to be compulsory in the theatre, at least for a certain section of the audience. There was a protocol to be followed; the way one dressed was a social marker, and the audience in the stalls and (as its name attests) the dress circle were ...
  • Never the same: Pics~~~
    Since this is the last yr i'm studying in Outram might as well buy 1 tic and go enjoy myself rite? and damm i love it..its so fun de lor then guys are cool in their formal wear including me la haha..and girls woo..normally not chio one also became very ... Kenton's ROAD. Went Toys R Us on sat to see see look look... Saw this long shot being displayed on the rack and its cool hor? Nerf Recon..which one shld i buy ah? longshot or recon? Nerf Vulcan..latest import frm the US ...
  • Moose Jaw Church of Christ: Bulliten Sunday August 2, 2009
    "My husband had refused to wear his bifocals because he thought they made him look older. Now he wears them all the time. He changed his mind yesterday when he came into the kitchen, cautiously walked to the counter with the fly swatter in his hand, ... In his closing prayer after our devotional around the campfire Friday evening, Kenton thanked God for the wonderful week, and said, "it was good!" This kind of summed up the whole week. It was an incredibly busy week, ...