Cannon Beach Formal Wear

Cannon Beach Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

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    We went to Cobo Beach on the west coast and had fish & chips on the beach. Soooo delicious... with sparkling wine and beer that we brought from home. We were sitting there enjoying the evening for quite a while until the tide forced us to move away. ... I also had the opportunity to wear my new white dress, from London. Check out my hair - really blond now... not sure if I like it or if I think I look like a voluminous but shorter version of a Barbie doll. ...
  • Samantha's World: Fiji
    I was so focused on the gorgeous beach. Unfortunately it poured rain on us and we had to retreat to the bus to finish our lunch. We had chicken, sausages (I actually ate one I was so hungry, Warren would be proud) and fruit and salad. .... The school was very tiny a nd the children all wear uniforms and were very excited to see us. They sang us songs in english and Fijian. We learned that English is taking priority over their traditional language of Fijian now, ...
  • Mia Joie: Oregon: Vineyards and Beaches
    Eugene Market had more tye-dye than one person could possibly wear in a lifetime and lost of little handmade wares. I found these odd little tchotchkes particularly interesting. Photobucket We also visited Archery Summit winery and stayed there. ... We concluded our trip at Cannon Beach. Robert and I spent our first 5 years of married life in Holland, Michigan; as newlyweds, we used to spend our free time walking the beach and talking about the future. Cannon Beach was ...