Beresford Formal Wear

Beresford Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Beresford, South Dakota.

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  • burning the fyre darkly
    it's raven's full costume formal designs that sparkle in the fyrelight best. you're greeted with some of the nicest, most detailed medieval/victorian/goth formal wear for men and women that you're going to find anywhere in second life. ...
  • Red Velvet « A Passion for Virtual Fashion
    Harper Beresford and friends take on virtual fashion ... Redheads CAN wear red and THIS redhead loves to wear red. Tabitha Ninetails of the Dancing Academy has outdone herself with this elegant evening gown. From the cleverly constructed décolletage to the careful and beautiful rendering on the system pieces, I can feel the rich fabric lying on my skin, the open back and exposed shoulders caressed by the air, the heavy skirts swirling around my legs with each step. ...
  • Summer Break « Second Life's largest community blog
    by Harper Beresford. Thanks for letting me join the iheartsl group. I am honored to be included. Summer's almost over. We could feel a chill in the air (already) this weekend when we were outside. The weather was lovely today, however, ...