Bountiful Formal Wear

Bountiful Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Bountiful, Utah.

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  • Elder Eric Schofield
    He's fro Bountiful haha. He only has six weeks left, so I hope that I learn everything I need to from him by then! He's awesome. Lubao was his first area too. He was an Assistant to the President for the past four and a half months and he knew he ... Plus it was ridiculously hot to wear my suit coat still!! When I got to Olongapo I saw President Aquino, his wife, and a few missionaries standing outside the bus waiting for me, so I knew it was the right place to get off. ...
  • Jenny Stevning: I Wish I Had a Gary
    He would give us computers, take us on trips and shower us with his love and bountiful spirit. Gary Douris is dying. He has bone cancer. But here is the thing. I have not always appreciated him. So, you can imagine as he dies I am flooded with feelings ... Being touched is painful - Gary doesn't even wear clothes because they hurt. My warm hand rested on his cool shoulder. I assumed that would be all the contact we would share. I was wrong. Gary raised his weak, skinny, ...
  • The World of the Pants: The xmas catch
    I had spent the past day knitting a face mask for Jozua to wear while snowboarding. Gayle was going to teach him, Daniel and Vanessa while they were in UT. Apparently there is not much of a chance to snowboard in South Africa. ... China Platter is a family favorite in Bountiful and a must go to when I am in town. Gayle met us there and the he and I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for xmas gifts. He was quite put out that no one had called him this year to go in ...