Blacksburg Formal Wear

Blacksburg Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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  • Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops Offer Shopping Value
    From Blacksburg's Bohemian Trading Company to the YMCA thrift stores, there is no shortage of businesses offering inexpensive, used, and quality products. With the economy in shambles, everyone is looking for a bargain. ... “Our target audiences are women who need formal wear for school or a business woman looking for the proper attire, however, Nicky's Resale Fashions caters to all women looking for lower prices on quality items,” Bell said. ...
  • Ruined Music » Blog Archive » Out of her head she sang
    It was August - the hottest of the hot, the pits of summer - and I was still a little tiny thing, the kind of girl who's able to wear short-shorts and somehow make them look not so short. In Blacksburg they have a little summer festival called Steppin' Out with vendors, music, and plenty of beer. I was hanging out downtown with some friends now lost to the mists of time, one of whom was a girl who knew everyone. And I mean, she seemed to know everyone, ...
  • To All My Single Ladies | Planet Blacksburg
    We know you want to wear the 5" Manolo's you just purchased, but tripping and breaking your ankle might put a damper on the night. Your guy has taken the time to plan out a fun and exciting evening for you and staggering around like a ...