Friesland Formal Wear

Friesland Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Friesland, Wisconsin.

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  • Praamsailing at Warten - Warten
    Leeuwarden is the principal city in Friesland, the most north-westerly part of The Netherlands. There, over a long weekend, we enjoyed a meet-up that included a trip on a praamboat, kitesurfing, a voyage on an old sailing clipper, and lots and lots of eating and drinking. ... My previous experience of flat-bottomed boats had been on an air-boat in Florida, which was powered by an aero engine so noisy that you had to wear ear-muffs. Part of the little marina at Warten ...
    It is difficult to launder. Comes is white and colours, and is very cool, dressy, and delicate. Uses: It is a stately type of fabric when used for formal wear, and weddings. It is also used for ballet costumes and wedding veils. ...
  • clothing, fashion and fiber glossary
    typically used in upholstery, frise is also spelled frieze but frieze really refers to a rough, fuzzy, rizzy, boardy woolen overcoating fabric which originated in friesland holland. often used for overcoating material for soldiers. ...