Strum Formal Wear

Strum Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Strum, Wisconsin.

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  • nourishing obscurity: [late evening listening] strumming guitar
    Many moons ago (I love that saying) when I was skint and couldn't afford coal for my stove I used to wear old faithful in the bath (Obviously took it off when it came to dunking under to wash my head)....I think that hat is still around ...
  • Strumming into fashion design - iamgoodgirl - iamgoodgirl - ????
    Puamana often entertains at parties, affording McManus the opportunity to people-watch. She pays attention to what people wear and how they wear it. McManus, who has no formal training in fashion, relies on seamstress Tsao Le to get the ...
  • Musings by Rebekah Stewart: Switzerland "Teil drei"
    ... on my German than sitting in a mini van with whiny babies and an overly emotional and dramatic sister for 17hours just to go to another country where I can't speak the language and remember to wear clothing where i can hide my money ... Yes, a bonifide American banjo, strumming away some country tune. In the darkness i squinted and i see a large snow white dog standing in the middle of the sidewalk. As the banjo music got closer, i realized that i was looking at a ...