Kingsland Wedding Vendors

Kingsland Wedding Vendors
Let us know if you can't find the local wedding vendors you're looking for in Kingsland, Georgia.

Local News

  • Vintage wedding dress shopping in Auckland - what a bride wants
    However, there's an interesting vintage store on Kingsland's main strip, New North Road. what a bride wants hasn't actually seen a bridal gown there, but the store has stockists with whom they deal exclusively and they treat special ...
  • A groom's-eye view of his wedding - what a bride wants
    Fabienne chose an elegant, beaded, sky-blue dress from a Kingsland designer and had her satin shoes sprayed to match. Andrew chose kilts. Both he and his groomsmen wore tailored kilts from Birkenhead kilt-maker Kintail Kilts. ...
  • Dan's Daily Journal: Over the Weekend
    ... we even drove out to Kingsland Bay with the thoughts of skiing or walking out, however, upon arrival, we decided it would be nicer to just continue our drive. After playing a little Mario Kart, we began to discuss our wedding plans. ...