Lone Tree Bridal Gowns

Lone Tree Bridal Gowns
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  • My First 56 Years: A Wedding in the Summer 1993
    It was prom season and they had many formal gowns awaiting the arrival of skinny teen age girls, giggling and laughing and saying, "What are you going to wear,no, what are YOU going to wear! ... He called and told me about the tree and that he was working with the parks dept and Madison and Kyle to get it removed, cut up and out of there before 6pm. I had bought tapes of wedding songs that his cousin Grant would play in a large stereo system all around the fountain. ...
  • Room 316: The Virgin Suicides excerpt
    The fat one tripped on a lone croquet wicket. In revenge he kicked it; the wicket sprang loose, plucking up a spray of dirt, and fell with a ping on the driveway. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lisbon burst onto the porch, trailing Cecilia's flannel nightgown, ... The stately elm tree, also visible in the foreground of Exhibit #1, has since succumbed to the fungus spread by Dutch elm beetles, has been cut down. The paramedics took Cecilia to Bon Secours Hospital on Kercheval and Maumee . ...
  • Sublime Romance: Lamia - Part II - John Keats
    While through the thronged streets your bridal car. Wheels round its dazzling spokes." The lady's cheek. Trembled; she nothing said, but, pale and meek, Arose and knelt before him, wept a rain. Of sorrows at his words; at last with pain ... A haunting music, sole perhaps and lone. Supportress of the faery-roof, made moan. Throughout, as fearful the whole charm might fade. Fresh carved cedar, mimicking a glade. Of palm and plantain, met from either side, ...