La Grange Bridal Gowns

La Grange Bridal Gowns
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Let us know if you can't find the gowns you're looking for in La Grange, Illinois.

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    Yesterday Kassi had to run down to La Grange to have her wedding dress taken in. Apparently brides tend to lose weight right before their weddings. Who knew? Well, she got refitted and then went to visit her Aunt down the road for a ...
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    OH my g-d —- I want that first dress to be my wedding dress!!! It's stunning! Who designed it?? I'm dying to know!!!!! Karla Says: June 21st, 2009 at 12:31 am. The red gown is Oscar de la Renta. I am trying to find more info on it! ...
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    Maybe it was the wine and the champagne but listening to ZZ Top sing La Grange on the earphones kind of made me reflect on how many things have happened and how much has changed in the last thirty years or so since that song came out. ...