Camp Hill Bridal Gowns

Camp Hill Bridal Gowns
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  • Heritage Dance Events: What do I wear?
    I purchased a green satin gown at the thrift store several years ago that I am sure was someone's bridesmaid dress. It was a little short on me and it had a plunging neckline, which is not acceptable at the balls. So I took a triangle of black satin ... However, a Victorian gentleman would not be seen without a vest or jacket, so if you want to take it up notch, you can go to a bridal shop and ask if they have any vests on clearance. I recently purchased two satin vests ...
  • Growing In Darkness: Ch. 1 - Seeds
    Having seen how easily discontent could get ugly, as in Meadowlark, and in Silver Hill, Florie thought that perhaps, all Duskendale needed was a little push. Still, she could not focus too much on this. She had other pleasantries to make, so she made her way over to Lady ... That evening, a traveling caravan begged leave to make camp outside of Blackbane, and Florie allowed it, and then smiled prettily at her friends and said they should go see what it was all about. ...
  • Bridal shop liquidation sale canceled -
    A business liquidation sale at Gillian's of Camp Hill bridal shop, scheduled for this weekend, has been canceled until further notice due to circumstances beyond their control, Fortna Auctioneers of Annville announced today. ... The three- day sale, advertised in The Patriot-News, had promised discounts of 25 percent, 50 percent and 75 percent off an inventory of wedding gowns, formal dresses, shoes and accessories worth thousands of dollars. ...