Harrisburg Bridal Gowns

Harrisburg Bridal Gowns
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Let us know if you can't find the gowns you're looking for in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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    Harrisburg, PA, United states | 09/09/2009. very pretty. tammark2008. | Memphis, TN, United states | 09/09/2009. it's very pretty, I wanted something like this dress when I went in the store, but came out with something totally ...
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    Hello Wbc Family, I have to give a huge shout-out to two fellow wbc brides, vividkiks and brandy. I was able to purchase my reception gown and get a discount on my hotel stay for running of the brides. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! I just love this site. So I have been absent for a while ... mrsharris2010. | Harrisburg, PA, United states | 09/22/2009. i love the new jay-z album! Super classic Jayz!!!!!!!! contact me. fave it. flag. number of visits: 3. Start Your Own Wedding Blog ...
  • Beverly's Blurbs: FOREVER FRIENDS
    We attended Harrisburg Baptist Church together for many years. Kay and Sandra are still serving the Lord there. I left in 1988 to join another local church where God led me but I still love HBC dearly and feel such a connection with ... made Paula's wedding gown. But you know what she did, she saved one part of it ... making tiny little satin bows that would go all the way around the hem and train ... and let Sandra and me help her sew them onto the dress so we would have ...