Whitehall Bridal Gowns

Whitehall Bridal Gowns
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Local News

  • VA, DC, MD Wedding Photographer Allison Britton Photography ...
    Meredith and Zack were married on July 4th at Whitehall Manor. Yep that's right 4th of July with sparklers and everything. I have been very excited for this wedding for sometime now and the weather was so on our side. ...
  • Avast me hearties!: Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009
    We had two boats to use - my Whitehall, Firefly, and a smaller canoe that belongs to the ship. Since the canoe could maneuver around the ship better we had the attackers on it. The first time the defender won. The boarders surrendered and Firefly called off ... The bride had a white gown with a small white tricorn pinned at an angle. The bridesmaids were in red corsets and black skirts. The men had piratish outfits and cutlasses. A few of us were included in the ceremony. ...
  • A Britton Photography: Meredith + Zack Married! | The Wedding Chicks
    Meredith + Zack were married on the 4th of July at the gorgeous Whitehall Manor in Northern Virginia. Yep, that's right, 4th of July with sparklers and.