Draper Bridal Gowns

Draper Bridal Gowns
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  • AMC - Blogs - Talk: Mad Men - Season 3 Episode 6 - Open Thread
    Gloves were “in” several years ago for brides – elbow length gloves with strapless bridal gowns were pretty popular. ( I never “got” the strapless bridal gown – to me, there is nothing like a bridal gown with sleeves, .... I wonder if perhaps the teacher Miss Farrell will be hired on at the Draper household while she is off for the summer, Since there was obviously something up with Miss Farrell phone call being shown in the "last week on MadMen" promo today. ...
  • The First Annual Ainsley House Bridal Fair Was a Huge Success!!!
    Gabi is our roommate here in downtown campbell at our beautiful design studio, and she is the number one resource for beautiful bridal gowns, flower girl gowns, Mother of the Bride gowns, brdiesmaid gowns, and special occassion, ...
  • Basket of Kisses | Mad News, September 17-23, 2009
    January Jones hopes Christina Hendricks does not go too far on her new diet. MomLogic looks at “Labor and Delivery, Starring Betty Draper”. AMC claims the Season 3 mini-marathon is on for Sept 27th. This time for sure… nothing up their ...