Staunton Bridal Gowns

Staunton Bridal Gowns
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  • Skirts Ahoy! (1952)
    In New York City, bridal gown saleswoman Una Yancy dreams of someday buying her own dress, but her long absent fiancé, Archie O'Conovan, only sends her postcards. When a military parade passes by, Una see Archie among the sailors and ... Staunton with her desire not to pull strings and to do something useful with her life. Mary Kate, meanwhile, feels terribly homesick and out of place. By the end of their initial six weeks of training, Whit, who excels at all of her tasks ...
  • Walnut Mall; Petersburg, Virginia | Labelscar: The Retail History Blog
    It was located in a former bridal gown shop next to JC Penny's. It was unique because you had to climb a set of stairs to enter the arcade. I spent many a quarter there back in the hey day of the mid 80s. People's Drug also had some arcade games (Defender, ... i think the place your thinking of was country cookin, but resturants still exist the ones near richmond are were in farmville at the roses shopping centre & in staunton at staunton mall. [Reply]. kris-alyx devereux ...
  • A hand-knit wedding - AisleDash
    Tonks: The original inspiration was a dress I found from St. Pucchi, one of my favorite designers, but it's evolved so far beyond that specific gown that it's now more of a bit of everything I've ever loved about wedding gowns. ... Tonks: We are hoping to host the event at On The Lamb, a yarn shop in Staunton, VA. It's an amazing shop set in an old Victorian home. There are pictures of the shop on my blog. AisleDash: Do you sell any of your work? ...