Bolingbrook Wedding Vendors

Bolingbrook Wedding Vendors
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    You have to know that I am from that area. Right before my husband and I got married we purchased a townhouse for us to live in after our wedding. This townhouse was in Bolingbrook, IL right next door to Naperville, IL. ...
  • The Bolingbrook Babbler: Chicago area dead rally for grave protection
    Illinois male skeptic attempts to debunk Rebecca Watson's Vegas wedding. Ireland threatens to prosecute "friendly" Naperville teacher for blaspheme. Heads explode as Weekly Reporter praises Bolingbrook Mayor Claar ...
  • Writing Boots: "Bolingbrook—C'est Moi!" Chicago Magazine
    (Among other items listed on his 2006 State Board of Elections reports are $1000 for "funeral expenses" for a Bolingbrook beautification commissioner, $200 for a graduation party for his secretary's son, and $250 for a wedding gift.) .... that Claar had broken a rule forbidding board members to solicit campaign contributions from vendors who did business with the tollway. Claar protested that he was soliciting them as "people doing business with Bolingbrook," he says. ...