Athens Wedding Invitations

Athens Wedding Invitations
Let us know if you can't find the invitations you're looking for in Athens, Alabama.

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    We are currently working on an upcoming Spring 2010 wedding in Madison, GA, where the couple is using natural elements for their outdoor wedding, and are interested in using “green” wedding invitations. Upon researching earth friendly ...
  • Smitaki: My Greek Wedding & Baptism
    Later, I realized that Greeks like to marry around the 15th of August, when many family members and friends from the big cities of Athens and Thessaloniki are on the islands for a vacation. ... also the whole village); they criticize the invitations (which are given out to guests together with some sugared almonds and a little toy); not to mention the baptistery candle, the decorations for the church, the sweets that are distributed after the christening and so on and on. ...
  • bookofjoe: Wedding Invitation in a Tin Can
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