Louisiana Wedding Invitations

Louisiana Wedding Invitations
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  • Oh So Beautiful Paper: Wedding Invitations - Three Bells Press
    Jennifer started Three Bells Press in 2008 and is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Each wedding invitation design from Three Bells Press features original illustrations and elegant vintage florals and flourishes.
  • rainbowbox: Wedding Invitation Card (by Alex)
    Wedding Invitation Card (by Alex). (Outside layout, front & back). (Inside layout). Yes it is final, and that's how it looks like ^^ The theme is Plum Flower, and main color is ivory and red. I've designed the borders and most of the elements myself, ... You know, if you move to Louisiana, you and your wife will only be a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live! (though, you're not missing anything by not going to Galveston!...if you want beach, head to Florida! ...
  • Another Trip to Louisiana
    I manly laid around and stamped stuffed and licked wedding invitations for my sister in law Elizabeth, she's getting married next month! We got to meet her fiance Dave, he's real neat! Daniel was able to squeeze in a couple job ...