Stateline Wedding Invitations

Stateline Wedding Invitations
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  • things are better with a parrott: Hydrangea Shower Invitations
    The invitations were letterpress in a fabulously bright pink on fluorescent white Lettra paper with coordinating envelopes. I knew her fiance would not want pink envelopes for the wedding invitation so now was my chance to get girlie. After two months of keeping these a ... Where I live driving across a state line is tantamount to a weekend trip. :) Beautiful job on the cards! Can't wait to see how you use peacock feathers. Posted by: Steph | June 03, 2009 at 07:43 PM ...
  • 14th Story: Wedding Logistics: July 14, 2007
    From the South East: From I-84 exit in Pendleton,OR and take Oregon Route 11 north toMilton-Freewater, OR. Continue through Milton-Freewater on OR-11 which will become WA-125 north at the stateline and continues into Walla Walla. .... Sarah , Loved getting an invitation to the wedding... will try to help your Mom as much as she will let me and am currently trying to grow sweet peas that will bloom in July. Sounds like you have found a great guy and he will be lucky to have ...
  • Domestic Felicity: How much money would you spend on your wedding?
    We really wanted a larger wedding (we have huge families), so we made that choice, even though having a larger wedding cost more. We made our invitations and decorations to save money. We did everything modestly--not dirt cheap but not ..... At the time the house we got was fifteen minutes from the MS state line so we went to MS to a small hotel that someone paid for as a wedding gift to us. We LIKED not going far for the honeymoon. We told friends who asked about the ...