Berkeley Jewelers

Berkeley Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Berkeley, California.

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  • . . Gateway Republican Women . .: OCTOBER NEWS
    Please call or e-mail for tickets to the Annual Eisenhower Dinner and/or Reception - we will have patriotic jewelry to sell, bumper stickers and buttons. Also this month is The Berkeley County Republican Club Annual Eisenhower Day ...
  • Uc Bearcats Sweatshirts, Uc Berkley Berkeley Ca, Uc Berkeley Alumni
    ... Wax, ? Uc Berkeley Sweatshirts Across Chest, ? Storage, ? Heidi, ? Uc Berkeley Clothing, ? Clock Rp5435, ? Jewelry Set, ? Cephalexin Smart Tanning, ? Image Hub, ? Walmart Dominic Chair, ? Prevent, ? Uc Davis Sweatshirts, ...
  • full circle & my new job in berkeley!
    i got to berkeley on oct 6, 1976. after drifting through a few temp living situations , jack & i found an apartment downtown & we went out & got jobs. i applied for a job that needed basic jewelry skills, like closing jump rings, ...