National City Jewelers

National City Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in National City, California.

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  • Charlotte, city in panic - Top Stocks Blog - MSN Money
    Every February, luxury car dealers and jewelers set up displays in all the downtown atriums hoping to get a large piece of all the bonuses the banks handed out every spring. Most of the bank executives' kids went to one of the four ... That's because almost every day there is a news blurb about "getting stuff for free from your local retail establishments" on at least one of the local, or national news programs. I work so many extra hours now, because I cannot afford the ...
    Another case is that of American citizen, Yehuda Abraham, a New York City Jeweler and Orthodox Jew, who was arrested in 2003 for having sold FBI agents posing as Al Qeada operatives Russian made, shoulder launched, surface to air missiles, ... not have access to anything spectacular – Weinmann was a Petty Officer stationed on a ballistic missile submarine that stole classified information that was directly related to American national security – do you see the difference? ...
  • Alienbear Jewelry Design: China National Day!!
    To celebrate the national day of my country China, I design a necklace as gift. I use the five stars on our country's flag to design this necklace. Since I am from Hong Kong, the international city; I made a bauhinia blakeana flower (Hk ...