Vernon Rockville Jewelers

Vernon Rockville Jewelers
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  • Magic Intent « Vernon Neighbor to Neighbor
    Ever since the store opened, its imaginative window displays have captivated my kids and been a highlight of downtown Rockville, but a step inside reveals that this little store has much more to offer than you'd magic intent 2 guess from the outside. Inside you'll find a selection of crystals, hand-crafted dreamcatchers, clothing, books, natural soaps and oils, jewelry, and unique gifts that are sure to delight the dreamer in your life. My kids covet the mermaid and fairy ...
  • famnofokdron
    vernon rockville connecticut indiana dept of educatin arkansas river history lynde and harry bradley technology and trade school list white yahoo gold limited mine portland yellowknife global consulting incorporated ...
  • The Caldor Rainbow: CALDOR Store Locator
    VERNON-ROCKVILLE became Ames, then/currently Price Chopper Supermarket WATERBURY (F) became subdivided into three parcels; Bernie's, Planet Fitness, vacant space. WATERFORD became Lowe's Home Improvement WALLINGFORD became Kohl's ...... Buying my mom Jewelry for xmas. My dad would take me xmas shopping at Caldor and my mom would take my brother to Bradlees on the same night so we could shop for each other. Late in years my Friend in HighSchool worked there. ...