Macon Jewelers

Macon Jewelers
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  • New Medical Identification Tags with Style
    Posted By Macon in Fashion Jewelry Add comments. Many people suffer from physical illnesses or sensitivities that necessitate the use of medical identification tags. While medically necessary, many people opt not to wear their tags, ...
  • Explore Howard: Clarksville man charged in jewelry theft from ...
    Investigators discovered high-end jewelry matching the description of the missing pieces at pawn shops in North Laurel and Prince George's County and traced the sales to Macon, police said. The roughly $25000 worth of jewelry was ...
  • Kansas couple's trash bin tryst takes wrong turn
    ... be alone just after 6 pm Saturday when two men interrupted them and demanded their belongings. Officers said the man and woman were engaged in "an intimate moment" when they were robbed of their shoes, jewelry and the man's wallet.