Tifton Jewelers

Tifton Jewelers
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Local News

  • Chico's Tifton Watch - Deal of the Week!!! | Jewelry Revelations
    The Tifton Watch by Chico's contains two flexible rows of bright turquoise stones that are accented with bali and carnelian beads. Its metal face is delicately embossed with a scroll design to accentuate its flair. ...
  • LPWIRE: Loss Prevention News www.privateofficer.com
    18 for retail theft after she stole $87 worth of jewelry from Kohl's Department Store on Route 309, said Richland police. In related charges, another 17-year-old Quakertown girl was arrested for retail theft for stealing more than $54 worth of jewelry from Kohl's, said police. ... Tifton GA-- A Tifton Police officer on patrol early Saturday morning busted a Florida man who had climbed on top of the Tifton Mall and was stealing copper from air conditioning units. ...
  • Rolling Through Father's Day « Bicycle Tours of Atlanta
    Jennifer Green is a talented jewelry maker, marketing specialists and all-round interesting young woman. She's also one of those very fortunate people who can say, “I'm really lucky, I have great parents!” Yes, Jim…that's a quote (happened outside Fresh To Order). ... The Model Airplane Association (or whatever they are called) had their big Southeastern annual competition in Tifton, GA and invited Mom, David, Paul and Betsy (I was living in Boston at the time). ...