De Witt Jewelers

De Witt Jewelers
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  • My One and Only (2009) in Theaters
    Ann packs up her two boys, 15 year old George and his older half brother Robbie and sets out for Boston, but not before she buys a powder blue Cadillac De Ville convertible and takes money and jewelry from her safe deposit box. ...
  • Kate sZatmari.. Photographer Elite | MAMi
    algie deWitt publisher MAMi Magazine. Kate sZatmari is a Los Angeles – based freelance photographer specializing in fashion, entertainment, advertising and jewelry photography. Her clients include, Lionsgate Films, Major Independents, ...
  • review of dewitt academia seconde retrograde serenity
    dewitt academia seconde retrograde serenity was an unforgettable timepiece at 2009 baselworld. backed by the rich heritage of dewitt, academia seconde retrograde serenity is a handsome watch with sharp lines and perfect dimensions. ...