Mapleton Jewelers

Mapleton Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Mapleton, Iowa.

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  • confessions of a shopaholic
    i'd rather grocery shop than shop for clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry or accessories, etc. but i know others who, like the character in this movie, really struggle with this obsessive addiction. i thought the movie was funny as heck, ...
  • The Meat Packing Plant
    I was asked to take off all jewelry, spit out my gum, scrub my hands, put on a hair net, latex gloves and a white butcher-dude's jacket and "Follow me." There were 3 other volunteers with me, one who lives in my neighborhood. ...
  • The Closing of the Holes
    Our clothes, our jewelry, our make up, our hairstyles..........all that outside stuff, it really only matters in what it says about how we value ourselves and our bodies. It's just outside fluff or covering for the real person inside. ...