Ammon Jewelers

Ammon Jewelers
Let us know if you can't find the jewelers you're looking for in Ammon, Idaho.

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  • SilverGem
    She's SO cute! So I'm hoping to make a little bit of pocket money off my jewelry making habits. SilverGem is also to bulk up my Doll Fund. I might actually get my own BJD! Yeah! Best wishes to you all and many thanks for your support! <3.
  • The Boyfriend Doll
    I've even started a small bead shoppe online for doll jewelry. I like to bead, so I'm excited about making stuff for other people. It isn't up and running yet, I'm waiting on some modeling pics a friend of mine took for me. ...
  • George Hamlin Fitch > The Critic in the Orient > PICTURESQUE ...
    In certain streets the makers of shoes and slippers are massed in solid rows; then come the workers in brass and metals; then the jewelers, and following these may be dealers in shawls and in curios of various kinds. ...