Gary Jewelers

Gary Jewelers
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  • Circus Calder - Great Puppetry of the 20th Century
    His paintings, jewelry, lithographs, toys and performances continue to inspire the world, so many years after his passing in November 1976. Although he was probably best known for inventing the mobile, his wonderful circus performances ...
  • sarawestermark: My First Piece of Metalsmithed Jewelry
    At the time Gary Pack, a local bench jeweler who "refused to teach," would let me keep him company and would answer my questions as I watched him work. I can't even really remember what I used for solder; I think I may have borrowed ...
  • Sunglasses
    How to Accessorize With Jewelry on a Budget. ,. Author: Gary | |. There are plenty of ways to accessorize fashionably by making it yourself, using what's at home or buying from inexpensive stores. Just make sure the jewelry pieces do ...