Linton Jewelers

Linton Jewelers
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  • The Linton Family
    The Linton Family ... my Jewelery blog. My jewelery blog is currently under construction but will be ready soon. Thanks so much for all the inquiries! It was put on the back burner for a while but I'm working on it. ...
  • Oxidized Silver Jewelry
    You can constantly hear people complaining that it is difficult or even impossible to keep their sterling silver jewelry shiny and clean. Now with the current trend for oxidized silver jewelry, that problem is no more. ...
  • Phoebe + Linton
    I couldn’t be happier for Phoebe and Linton! Here’s Linton reviewing his vows before the ceremony: The church was packed! Exchanging vows! Chinese tea ceremony! Phoebe looks so cute with all her new gold jewelry! ...